Using Vehicle Search Programs

Buying a car is exciting, and many people spend sleepless nights thinking of all the fun they will have in their first car. Of course, there are those who already own one, but will like to add another to their collection. But whether you are buying a car for the first time or you already have a fleet and will love to get one more, it is vital that you do diligent DVLA logbook research. Currently, there are excellent vehicle inquiry programs and applications that everyone should use to search and learn more about the car they want to buy. Years ago, people used to do car sells and purchase verbally, and the dealers were honest, talk about a gentleman’s agreement. But now it’s risky to do the same because dealers are not all that honest. Here are some facts you will learn when using vehicle inquiry apps before buying a car.

Number of Previous Owners

Unless you are buying your car direct from the manufacturer’s outlets, then you need to know about the number of previous owners. As said early, in the current times, you cannot fully trust the words of your local second-hand car dealer. Facts show that most of them will tell you that you will be the second owner of a car, but this usually is not true. Using these vehicle search programs, you will be able to know the exact number of previous owners.


If you see that a car is in excellent condition, and you do not mind the number of previous owners, then knowing that it is accident-free should be your concern. Understand that most dealer will like this to remain a secret since it diminishes the value of a car. Also, most buyers are not comfortable driving around in a vehicle that was involved in an accident. Note that once a car is involved in a crash, the info is stored in government records. The good news is that you can access this information using these vehicle search applications.


If you watch the news, then you must have heard that the cases of stolen cars are on the rise. But do you ever think back and ask your self where these cars are taken? These people do not steal cars for the sake of it. What they do is refurbish them, adding a few things here and changing some there and the car is back in the market. Unsuspecting buyers usually get surprised when they do a quick search and discover that the vehicle they are about to pay for is registered as stolen.


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