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Review of Marble Chess Sets

There are lots of different chess sets in the world, but marble chess sets top them all. They represent the absolute pinnacle of chess game style and designs. Many sculptures are crafted from marble, and so it fits that the pieces and chessboard be as well. There is just nothing as breathtaking in the chess world as seeing finely crafted chess boards and pieces.

They are versable

The best information about these sets is their versatility. They can be used to play a game with or as an amazing home decoration. Who hasn’t seen a well-crafted marble chess set and been taken aback? Having a great set gives your house an air of intelligence and refinement. Everyone has some set these days, but very few have excellent quality marble chess sets. You just can’t go wrong with these either as they all look amazing.

One thing to consider when purchasing a set is what type of pieces will come with the set. This is the toughest decision for most people because there is endless variety. Almost all artistic chess players have had their hand in the design of a set of chess pieces. Nevertheless, the Staunton chess pieces have become the most famous and widely used around the world. They are the type of articles you will see used at all the chess tournaments as they are considered the official style today.Chess

A marble chess set can also make a great gift for anyone who loves to play chess but is still playing on their raggedy old board. Why not get them the best set they could ever own? I’ll never forget my first game when I was a kid, and I still cherish it to this day. If you give your friend or loved one a set, they will never forget it. It’s something that I would recommend everyone to do if they can.

They are more durable

However, marble chess sets are not just for decoration. The pieces are sturdy and thick enough that they will not break except under extreme conditions. Marble chess sets are weighted to ensure that the parts are well balanced and will not fall over. The marble chessboards are also heavy enough so they can be used outside.

Are beautiful and functional

Marble chess sets are beautiful as well as functional. They look like miniature sculptures and are designed for play as well as for their appearance. A fine marble chess set is perfect for both decoration and regular use.

Care and Maintenance

Chess setMarble is an unusual material in that it is a base in an acid-base relationship. This is important because whenever this base interacts in any way with an acidic substance, a chemical reaction occurs. A stain or discoloration usually mark this in the marble.

This is important to note because the use of regular, acidic cleansers on your marble chess set will cause it to discolor. Instead, use a warm washcloth to wipe down the surface of the pieces gently. If you want to improve the shine of the piece, several commercial cleansers are made especially for marble use.

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