The BBQ Trail

Baxter's Original is proud to be partnered with some the best BBQ cooks in the USA. These ladies and gentlemen produce some of the most mouthwatering perfectly smoked meats you've ever experienced and (here's the hardest part) they do it consistently week-in and week-out. It takes a lot of practice and patience to product delicious BBQ in your backyard, but to burn up miles and miles of beautiful country side and travel state to state to prove your wares is an entirely different accomplishment. These chefs choose to not only use our product, but to use it publicly and help us get the word out that Baxter's Original is THE Premium Smoker Wood of champions and backyard bashers alike. Thank you guys – your support means everything!

AnarQue BBQ Team

Jason Adams and Team AnarQue have come out of the blocks taking no prisoners. Jason cut his teeth as part of the very successful Holy Smokes BBQ Team only to branch out on his own without as much as a stumble. If you travel to a Georgia BBQ Association event it is most likely that you with see Jason – his wicked AnarQue Logo – and a mean set of twin Assassin Smokers pumping that cool blue smoke. The only bad part about Jason and AnarQue is that they live just an hour or two up the road from Baxter's Original and our own team Aunt Mary's BBQ Brigade so – unfortunately we have to battle him for a call to the stage on a regular basis. Keep it up Anarque and we'll see you again soon.

Holy Smokes BBQ Team

Baxter's Original is very proud to have been a friend and partner of the Holy Smokes BBQ Team for a couple of years now. Gary and Dionne Lanton are a true family BBQ team. They are both award winning Pit Master's in their own right and when you put them together WATCH OUT. These guys can ruin your chances of a call at the BBQ comp any given weekend. Very successful only starts to describe this team over the last couple of years – wins in multiple sanctioning bodies and even a T.V. appearance on the most popular BBQ show ever. More than their success on the trail we are proud to be associated with this "Family First" team – Gary and Dionne can often be seen dangling one of their beautiful young children from the monkey bars at a competition or playing fetch with what must be the most spoiled dog on the planet. Cheers to your continued success out there on the trail Holy Smokes and thank for setting such a fine example of what this sport can be.

Rescue Smokers

Rescue Smokers! If you have been around the BBQ world for long you have probably heard of these guys already! Robby Royal and Raymond Poore make up one of the toughest teams to beat at a contest that there is. Although these guys have scaled back the number of contests they attend on a yearly basis they are always a force when they roll up. Winning Grand Championships in 3 different sanctioning bodies in 2012 Rescue Smokers is not sleeper team - they are professionals - they will score highly with the judges and they will walk off with their fair share ( if not more) of Grand Championships. Stand up guys with strong family values to match - they are great people to know and very hard men to out cook. We are very please to be associated with this top notch team.

Pit Bull's Up in Smoke BBQ Team

Rebecca and Danny Coogle with Pit Bull's Up in Smoke are one of the newest professional BBQ teams to fly the Baxter's Original Premium Smoker Woods flag, but they are surely not new to the sport (yes professional BBQ is a sport). These guys get around and they WIN around. Any given weekend this high energy team can be seen competing in GA, SC, TN, AL, KY, VA, and even VEGAS BABY! If the prize is big enough this team will travel. That kind of confidence in your cooking comes from confidence in the process and products you use and Baxter's Original is very proud to be a part of their award winning style.

Git-R-Smoked BBQ Team

Terry Freakin'n McKay! This Florida boy is not to be tangled with. Smoking his way through the Florida BBQ Association season like a man on a mission. Git-R-Smoked doesn't cook 10 competitions a year – they don't cook 20 competitions a year – NOPE for the last few seasons Terry has pushed the limits of not only his BBQ flavor profile, but also his time and hit 30-40 professional competitions in a season. This type of dedication to success is what make us such a proud partner to the Git-R-Smoked Team and has earned him a consistently high spot in the NATIONAL BBQ RANKINGS. ( he also has earned the title as the best hair in BBQ)

Q Fused BBQ Team

The Q Fused BBQ Team is Will Stanton and Dwight Sumners. These guys have a real understanding of what BBQ can and should be. Walk up to the Q Fused camp at a competition and you are going see these two burley gents working diligently and with great focus on the task at hand, but don't let their looks fool you. Walk on up introduce yourself and stay a minute. You will soon see that not only do these guys have an intense knowledge and passion for their craft, but that they are also very kind and willing to share what they can to help you in your quest. There is no doubt in our minds here at Baxter's Original that this team will be around for a long time to come and at the rate they are going team Q Fused may very well become that team that rolled up under the radar and rolled out with YOUR PRIZE MONEY!

Wooley Bully "BBQ Mafia" BBQ Team

Damon Wooley is the man with the plan. You aren't going to out run him so don't waste your time! This Florida boy and his pops can both cook you under the table before you even know it. Damon hosts one of the largest competitions in the Southeast - Smokin' on the Suwannee in Live Oak Florida. He draws the crowd because he puts his money where his mouth is. Big Comp.-Big Teams-Big Prizes- and Big Time! We are proud to be partnered with these gentleman gangsters - Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia!

Moyers Competition Bar-B Team

Moyers Bar-B-Q is a Competition Bar-B-Que team based out of Cartersville, GA and Lubbock, TX. This is a team of some great guys and we are proud to add them to the list of amazing teams that are supported by Baxter's Original.


Important: Baxter's Original can not be held responsible if you fall in love with smoked meat and spend all of your extra time around the smoker. If you miss the lives of your children due to smoking meat well, then, that's on you!

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