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If you have someone that you know who loves BBQ and smoking slow and low, then we have the perfect gifts for you. Check out the gift boxes available from Baxter's Original and try some great wood chunks, sauces, and rubs this holiday season.

Baxter's Original Premium BBQ Supply Gift Box

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Baxter’s Original Premium BBQ Supply Gift Box.  This gift box is sure to make the outdoor cook in your life a very happy camper.  Featuring 2 bags of Baxter’s Original Premium Smoker Woods Chips, 1 jar of BigButz BBQ Sauce, 1 Jar of Sam Dog Yellow Dog BBQ Sauce, and a shaker bottle of Double D’s Dirt BBQ rub.  This BBQ gift offers everything you need to get the most out of your patio grill or smoker. ( be sure to leave us a note if this gift needs to be sent to an address other than the one associated with your method of payment)

Price: $32.99 per box

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Important: Baxter's Original can not be held responsible if you fall in love with smoked meat and spend all of your extra time around the smoker. If you miss the lives of your children due to smoking meat well, then, that's on you!

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