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Baxter's Original Charcoal

Baxter's Original knows that there are many options to choose from when selecting the right fuel for your grill. Although wood chunks help add great flavor to your food, the right fuel also helps keep that clean flavor. We have hand picked some of our favorite brands to try to help make your choice easier.

Royal Oak 16.6 lb briquettes

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An old BBQ standard for a good dang reason. Royal Oak charcoal is a strong burning consistent fuel every time. The 16.6lb bags of briquettes is a very affordable way to fire up just about any cooker. A name you know and trust - combo it with your favorite BBQ wood and sauces.

Price: $8.99 per bag

18 lb Stubbs 100% Natural Briquette Charcoal

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Now the #1 Premium Texas Bar-B-Q sauce brand has a whole new set of fans with Stubb's Natural Bar-B-Q Briquets and Bar-B-Q Wood Chips. Experience Stubb's great flavor in a whole new way.

Price: $16.99 per bag

8.8 lbs Cowboy Lump Charcoal

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Cowboy Lump Charcoal lights without chemicals. Cooks in 1/2 the time of briquets. No off tastes and flavors from chemicals. Uses 30% less charcoal per fire than briquets. Makes for a safer environment.

Price: $8.99 per bag

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Important: Baxter's Original can not be held responsible if you fall in love with smoked meat and spend all of your extra time around the smoker. If you miss the lives of your children due to smoking meat well, then, that's on you!

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