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Baxter's Original Premium Smoker Wood is dried naturally. Most woods are debarked, cut to the desired specs, and placed in rack with forced air flow. This process allows the woods to retain their natural sugars - the key to great BBQ wood. We take our time to remove any debris that isn't supportive of the quest for perfect Que and we are sure that you'll taste the difference in your next cook. Thank you for your support of an American family operated business!

Naturally Dried sets us apart!

When it comes to seasoning your smoker wood, you should always look for wood that has been naturally dried. Here at Baxter's Original we place our wood on racks and force contstant airflow around the wood. This allows the wood to dry in a natural timeframe which preserves all of the natural sugars in the wood which helps to provide the most flavor. By forcing air around the wood we can ensure that the wood dries completely so you never receive wet wood.

The reason that Naturally Dried makes us different than the competition is that most providers "kiln" dry their wood. This means that they take their wood and put it in an oven and cook out all of the moisture from the wood. While this is a fast process is also forces out all of the woods natural sugars since it is not dried in a natural environment. By "kiln" drying their wood you get a reduction in flavor, I mean, come on the flavor comes from the natural sugars that are in the wood.

So by using Baxter's Original smoker wood you can be sure that you are getting the best flavor out of your wood and that always helps to make the tastiest, sweetest, and all around best BBQ anywhere.


Important: Baxter's Original can not be held responsible if you fall in love with smoked meat and spend all of your extra time around the smoker. If you miss the lives of your children due to smoking meat well, then, that's on you!

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